The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza | El Conejo en la Luna de Chichén Itzá

The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza

Discover the Initial Series Set and the Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza that you can now see in the site’s newly inaugurated museum.

Chichen Itza, wonder of the modern world, continues to reveal hidden secrets and fascinating stories dating back centuries.

This archaeological site, famous for the Temple of Kukulcán and the Great Ball Court, houses in its surroundings less known housing complexes, but equally significant in the study of the Mayan civilization.

Among these, the complex called “Initial Series“, located to the south of the Nuns complex, is presented as a time capsule that introduces us to the daily life and traditions of those who inhabited this ancestral city.

At the entrance to this complex, a majestic arch invites us to tour a sacbé that guides us to long-protected Mayan secrets.

The Importance of the Initial Series Set

This complex, surrounded by walls that denote its exclusivity, has been identified as the home of warrior orders in charge of protecting the city.

Its relevance is increased by discovering in its main structure a lintel that records the oldest date found at the site, marking a milestone in the chronology of Chichén Itzá.

Furthermore, the “House of the Moon”, within this same group, stands out for its columns adorned with warriors and an enigmatic relief that represents a rabbit inside the Moon, symbolizing concepts of fertility and wisdom, commonly attributed to Ixchel, the goddess Mayan mother

The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza

The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza. Representative image.

After years of absence, the emblematic stone of the rabbit on the Moon returns to Chichén Itzá, enriching the new exhibition of the site’s Great Museum.

This return marks a crucial moment in the preservation and appreciation of Mayan cultural heritage, allowing visitors from around the world to closely appreciate this and other archaeological treasures.

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The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza

The Multifaceted Function of the House of the Moon

Recent research suggests that the House of the Moon was not only a space for ritual ceremonies but also for important meetings and welcoming travelers.

Chichén Itzá, with its recently inaugurated museum and the revelation of spaces such as the Initial Series set, invites us to deepen our knowledge of one of the most advanced cultures of humanity.

Visiting this emblematic site is to immerse yourself in a living history, where each stone and each structure has a story to tell.

R. The Rabbit on the Moon of Chichen Itza

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