El Gran Eclipse Mexicano desde Chichén Itzá | The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

The Great Mexican Eclipse and its Visibility from Chichen Itza: A Celestial Spectacle in Yucatán

The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

The Yucatan horizon is preparing to witness an unprecedented astronomical event, known as the Great Mexican Eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the sky will be dressed in mystery when a solar eclipse occurs that promises to capture the attention of locals and visitors.

Eddie Salazar Gamboa, a renowned astronomer in the region, anticipates that the eclipse will be partially visible throughout the entire state of Yucatán, with an obscuration of the sun of up to 60% due to the interposition of the Moon.

Visibility from Emblematic Sites

The magnitude of the eclipse will vary slightly across different points in Yucatán, offering a unique spectacle in each location. Specifically, in the emblematic archaeological zones, the phenomenon will manifest itself with different peculiarities.

Chichen Itza, for example, will enjoy a solar occultation of 58.9%, while in coastal destinations such as Sisal and Tekax, the occultation percentage will reach 60.1%.

Other points such as Uxmal, Maxcanú and Celestún will see the Sun fade in percentages that range between 60.5% and 60.8%.

Preparations for the Eclipse

Although the total eclipse will be visible in other parts of Mexico, the phenomenon promises to be one of the most significant astronomical events in Yucatán since the annular eclipse of the Sun, known as ‘The Ring of Fire’, which took place on December 14. October 2023.

Anticipation grows as the date approaches, and skywatchers prepare to experience this impressive event, provided weather conditions are favorable.

The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

This event will not only attract astronomy enthusiasts but will also offer a unique moment to reflect on the connection between celestial phenomena and the ancient Mayan civilizations, whose descendants still reside on the peninsula.

The Great Mexican Eclipse of 2024 promises to be a reminder of the majesty of the universe and the importance of preserving our cultural and natural heritage.

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The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

R. The Great Mexican Eclipse from Chichen Itza

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