Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichén Itzá

Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichen Itza

An Atlantean Sculpture at Chichén Itzá was discovered after the final works for the inauguration of old Chichén.

In a recent morning press conference led by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Diego Prieto Hernández, general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), revealed the amazing discovery of an Atlantean statue.

This piece of art was discovered during preliminary work to open a new segment of the famed Chichen Itza archaeological complex in Yucatán, with an inauguration date scheduled for September 2, 2023.

This shocking discovery reinforces the belief of a mutual influence between the Mayan civilization of Chichén Itzá and the cultures of central and northwestern Mexico. Similarities of artifacts and styles suggest that these connections could have been established between AD 800 and 1200.

The figure, linked to a period residence, presents a male character with his arms extended upwards, as if he were holding something. He is adorned with luxurious items including a tiara, a necklace of jade beads arranged in four rows, long earrings and bracelets. Intriguingly, the design of the facial features shows influences from the Huasteca culture.

Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichen Itza

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Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichen Itza

According to Prieto Hernández, due to their size —90 cm high and 45 cm wide— these sculptures probably formed part of altars that supported carved stone tables, generally located in ceremonial spaces.

Palenque and Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichén Itzá

In addition, the INAH leader also shared advances on recent research at the Palenque archaeological site in Chiapas, another pillar in the study of Mayan culture. During conservation work on the Temple of the Foliated Cross, an offering consisting of two vessels was found. One of them housed the skeletal remains of two neonates, which could symbolize the cycle of life.

Contribution to the Mayan Train Project

In the context of the construction of the Mayan Train, the initiative has led to the discovery and study of 54,232 historical structures, 1,925 ceramic objects, more than 1.2 million ceramic fragments and 1,339 artifacts in the restoration phase. Added to this are 646 human burials and 2,252 natural features associated with ancient settlements.

These discoveries, in addition to offering unprecedented insight into the past, enrich Mexico’s cultural heritage and offer fascinating perspectives for future visitors and researchers. With the inauguration of the new section of Chichén Itzá approaching, the world expectation is at its maximum, everyone is attentive to the new wonders that could be discovered.

R. Discovery of Atlantean Sculpture at Chichen Itza

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