Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

An Archaeological Revelation in the Heart of the Yucatan: Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2.

On September 2, the setting of Chichen Itza, one of Mexico’s most precious archaeological treasures, will see the premiere of a new space, ‘Chichen Viejo’.

After a meticulous restoration by the National Institute of Archeology and History (INAH), the area will be revealed in the midst of the inspection tour of the Mayan Train, which is under the supervision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

In his morning conference, the President of Mexico shared that after his presentation in Campeche on September 1, he will travel to Chichen Itza to officially inaugurate the section also known as the Initial Series.

‘Chichén Viejo’ is especially significant as it houses what is believed to have been the residence of the Mayan elite between AD 650 and 1200, possibly home to an influential leader of the time.

The site has approximately 25 architectural buildings, and among the most notable are the Castle of the Obelisks and the Residence of the Spirals, which serve as centerpieces of this historical segment.

Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

One particularly intriguing piece from the site is a tomb that holds the cremated remains of five individuals, a time capsule that offers clues to Maya burial practices.

This corner of Chichen Itza, previously hidden from the public eye, will now be accessible to visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in a previously unknown part of Mayan history.

Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

López Obrador’s tour of the Yucatán Peninsula will begin in Campeche on September 1, where he will present his fifth annual report and kick off the inaugural voyage to supervise the Mayan Train.

The next day, September 2, he will head to Yucatan and make his entry into Teya aboard the Mayan Train. The trip will continue to Chichen Itza, where he will reveal to the world the mysterious ‘Chichen Viejo’.

Old Chichen will be inaugurated on September 2

The presidential tour will extend to Quintana Roo, where it is planned to inaugurate Colosio Avenue and the new road infrastructure of the airport.

This trip, more than an official tour, symbolizes the rich legacy of history, culture and development that Mexico has to offer, and ‘Chichen Viejo’ is undoubtedly one of its brightest newly discovered jewels.

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