The Magical Appearance of Kukulcan in Spring 2024 | La Mágica Aparición de Kukulcán en la Primavera 2024

The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

Chichén Itzá Celebrates the Equinox, a spectacular phenomenon recognized worldwide. The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024.

The majestic Mayan city of Chichén Itzá is preparing to welcome spring with an astronomical and cultural spectacle that captivates thousands: the appearance of Kukulcan.

March 19, 2024 will mark the beginning of spring, a period characterized by the manifestation of light and shadow in the emblematic pyramid of El Castillo, which captures the attention and amazement of locals and visitors.

The renowned Yucatecan astronomer, Eddie Salazar Gamboa, explains that this phenomenon occurs when the Sun, in its path, cuts the ecliptic, signaling the beginning of a new season.

In 2024, spring will begin on March 19 at 9:07 p.m. local time, heralding 92 days of rebirth and natural growth.

Coincident Astronomical Phenomena

In addition to the equinox, the month of March brings with it a series of significant astronomical events, including the equality in the length of day and night.

This year, the equinox occurs on March 14, but its effects are especially felt on the 19th, when the balance between light and darkness becomes more noticeable.

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The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

Kukulcán: Energy and Life in Chichén Itzá

For the Mayans, the descent of Kukulcán was not just a visual spectacle; It represented the vitality, prosperity and fertility that accompany spring.

Since February 20, the first signs of this phenomenon have been observed, which reaches its peak with the formation of seven isosceles triangles, representing the union of heaven and earth, energy and life.

Salazar highlights that since March 5, the “serpent of light” begins to be clearly outlined in the pyramid, reaching its maximum expression towards the end of March.

This play of light and shadow continues until early April, reflecting the depth of Mayan astronomical and architectural knowledge.

The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

The Cultural Impact of the Phenomenon

While the phenomenon of light and shadow symbolizes the connection with the cosmos and nature, it also reflects the ingenuity and wisdom of a civilization that, through its constructions, managed to capture and perpetuate the celestial movement.

As Chichen Itza prepares to welcome thousands of visitors during this special season, everyone is invited to witness an event that transcends time, connecting the past with the present and the future in a continuous cycle of renewal and celebration.

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The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

R. The Magical Appearance of Kukulcán in Spring 2024

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